Less is more! – isn’t that easy?

I am constantly telling people to shorten the content of e-learning courses or trainings! While training e-learning authors, while discussing the content of learning units with customers, … I will permanently ask: What’s the focus? What is necessary to know to use the tool or to implement a certain process? Skip everything that is nice to know but not mandatory! And: What can realistically be learned in a given time with a specific learning activity?

That’s easy! Isn’t it? If you then find the golden thread (e.g. for the new process to be implemented), you will have no difficulties to finish the e-learning-course or the training concept in short order.

I thought that this was so perfectly clear, that I was constantly wondering why so many people didn’t follow that rule. I was confronted with e-learning content or training concepts, that were so overloaded with information; it would have needed a degree rather than a small learning program.

Then I took recently part in a workshop for music improv, which was new to me. I play improv for some time, so I am used to talk and play in front of the audience. But singing? Without text or melody? So, I did, what almost everybody does being unconfident: talk a lot – or rather: sing a lot. I mean really a lot. The melody fell by the wayside – but – who cares? But then we realized (thanks to our wonderful teacher): less is more! It’s not necessary to sing a novel!

That really opened my eyes to the perspective of those who are not used to preparing learning content. I have learned that singing less text allows me to focus on the melody. That was a relief! And this knowledge upgraded my singing – although there is still much room for improvement. If I transfer this to the learning topic: How much better can I focus on a suitable learning concept if I just consider the essential content?